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InvasionZ is still coming!

We are now working on moving development to Arma 3 instead of Arma 2. Please be patient while we make changes. The name might change as well.

Behind the Scene Photos

Sorry to keep you guys waiting for the alpha but its coming soon, we just have to add a few finishing touches and piece things together.  Here are some photos from some of the content we are working on that will be in the mod.


InvasionZRoofBridge  (This bridge will be re textured before it is released)

Vending 3



Testing to Start Possibly by End of Weekend

Thank you to everyone who has submitted an application for alpha testing , and is patiently waiting. We are finishing a few details with the new Level System and the Credit System, then we will email the testers with the info needed to join the server. If you have not filled out a form yet send this information to

1.Arma GameTag
3.Clan Website
4.What would you like to see from the mod
5.What are you excited about in the mod



Hello Survivors,

Welcome on our new homepage, we are currently working on the mod as well as on the page.

In the meanwhile have a look on our current Lingor DayZ Server